Herbal Ball Massage

Herbal Ball Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is famous around the world for its hot herbal ball compress, known as just Thai herbal ball massage. The herbs that are incorporated in the balls are used for antiseptic, moisturizing, and cleansing. The herbs also sooth stiff and tight muscles, soften the skin and relax the whole body, mind and soul.

Herbal ball method combines manual touch oil and two balls filled with 15 different kinds of therapeutic herbs and spices such as ginger, lemon grass, camphor oil, tamarind and turmeric.

The balls are heated in special steam bowls that turn the herbs into an infusion whose properties are absorbed by the skin.

The objective of the Herbal ball, in addition to the pleasing sensation it provides, is to cleanse and purify the body, to drain it of toxins, to relax muscles and improve the functioning of the lymph and immune systems. The heat from the balls helps to open the pores, allowing for better absorption of the herbal ingredients. Stress and tension eases beneath the kneading of the balls.

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